“AAHA” refers to Australian Allied Health Awards & their organisers

 “AHP” refers to Allied Health Professional 

“ Individual” refers to any individual who meets the Application Eligibility Criteria 

“ Team/s” refers to any group of 2 or more individuals who contain at least one “individual” as outlined above, whereby the team or practice provides Allied Health services.

“Nomination Form” refers to the AAHA Nomination Form available for download or review on the website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au

“Consent Form” refers to the AAHA Nomination Consent Form available for download or review on the website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au

“Reference Form” refers to the AAHA Reference Form available for download or review on the website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au

“Virtual Goodie Bag” refers to the collection of promotional flyers, graphics, coupons, templates, checklists provided by AAHA, AHVC and any other related business or organisation that may be involved or sponsoring the AAHA or AHVC. 

“Selection Panel Member” refers to the group of individuals selected to assess the nomination applications against the identified selection criteria. 


Application Eligibility Criteria

1.     Nominees or applicants must meet all eligibility criteria;

A) Currently registered to practice through AHPRA or their National Association/Body and can provide the relevant registration number. 

B)   Has practiced either clinically or non-clinically, a minimum of 6 months in the last 12 months and can provide evidence of such, if required, such as an employer statement, invoices or personal records. 

C)    Australian Allied Health Awards are only open to residents and organisations in Australia. 


Consent to participate

By signing the consent form, the nominee consents to;

1.    All information contained within the nomination application, including all forms and supporting documents and materials, are true and correct and completed with honesty and the best of intentions. 

2.    It is a condition of entry that finalists and winners are available for publicity opportunities, which may include advertising features and interviews with in-house or external print, digital or TV media. AAHA organisers may use the winners’ names, images, titles, achievements, and voices in the event they are a winner (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same) for an unlimited period of time with no recompense to the winners.

3.    That the nominee has read these Terms & Conditions in their entirety. 



1.    AAHA organisers will always take reasonable steps to unsure your personal information is handled in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) when handling all personal information provided for nomination application purposes. 

2.    AAHA organisers will collect the personal information outlined in the Nomination Form, from either the individual nominee or organisation’s representative, their nominated reference or their professional client.  Please notify the AAHA organisers by email hello@alliedhealthawards.com.auif the information is incorrect and requires updating.  If this information is not provided, the application for nomination will not be accepted. 

3.    Personal information is collected to assess eligibility for an award, aid the selection process for the Selection Panel Members and for statistical analysis in relation to future planning and marketing needs of AAHA. AAHA may also use this information to maintain an ongoing relationship with nominees, finalists and winners. 

4.    By completing the Nomination Form and accepting the Terms & Conditions, all nominees and referees, acknowledge and consent to AAHA and the organisers, disclosing their personal information to the following persons and organisations as required; AAHA organisers, the person’s assessing the nominations and the event and program contractors performing services on behalf of the AAHA organisers. 

5.    By completing the Nomination Form and selecting the tick boxes for consent at the time of the submission, all nominees consent to the AAHA organisers to publish their personal details, achievements and images in both digital and print media as they see fit, for promotional and marketing purposes. 

6.    AAHA will not use or disclose any personal information collected for any other purpose unless permitted by the Privacy Act 1988. 


Nomination process

1.     Nomination is free of charge. 

2.     All submitted forms and documents, and all they contain, including nominee biography and achievement details, must be true, correct and completed with honesty and the best of intentions. 

3.     All nomination applications must be received by Sunday 5thMay 2019 5pm (AEST). Applications received after this time will not be accepted.

4.     All submitted nomination applications, supporting materials and all forms received, remain the property of AAHA organisers and will not be returned. 

5.     Once the nomination applications have been received, the selection process remains confidential amongst the AAHA organisers and the selection panel members, until the winners are announced at the awards ceremony.  

6.     The nominees that achieve finalist status, will be communicated this via email. 

7.     Nomination applications can be for multiple categories, only one application is required, however each category applied for must be clearly identified on the Nomination Form. 

8.     In 2019 there are separate Nomination Forms for application for the Individual categories or the Team categories. These forms may be used to nominate for a number of different categories within these classifications, as outlined on the website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au


9.     Self nomination

A)    Individuals are invited and encouraged to self-nominate and must complete the nomination application and all the submission requirements in its entirety. 


10.  Colleague nomination

A)    Individuals undertaking the nomination process must know the nominee in a professional capacity, must not be a family member or related to the nominee, in any way.

B)   Nominees must still be aware of the nomination and agreeable to the nomination process, having read through the Terms & Conditions and consent in full to this process. 


11.  Client nomination

A)    No clients or service consumers must be asked, coerced or encouraged to nominate any health professional in any way.

B)    Nomination forms and Nomination Information packs may be made available to clients or consumers for information purposes only, but they must not receive any assistance from their nominated health professional to complete the application in any way. 

C)    Nominees must still be aware of the nomination and agreeable to the nomination process, having read through the Terms & Conditions and consent in full to this process.


Selection process

1.     Each award category will be allocated to several selection panel members and each application will be independently scored and reviewed by these panel members, according to the same selection criteria.  

2.     Each selection criteria will be scored a number of points, resulting in a maximum possible score of 150 per application. The criteria are;

A)   Promotion and contribution to their profession

B)    Collaborates and communicates within Allied Health community

C)    Outstanding client centred, evidence-based health outcomes

D)   Outstanding leadership and/or integrity

E)    Healthcare impact and innovation over the last 12 months


3.     Finalists and winners will be advised in writing, via email, and published via the website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au

4.     Both finalists and winners will be published within 24 hours of announcement and will remain on the website.  

5.     All decisions made regarding the selection process in identifying both finalists and winners are final and discussions will not be entered into. 


Selection Panel Members

1.     Selection panel members will be an undisclosed amount of individuals carefully selected to represent the wider health community.  Individual selection panel members may include, but are not limited to, AAHA organisers, AHPs, business representatives, health organisations and association representatives, academics, health leaders, clinicians and previous AAHA winners.  

2.     Individuals will be personally invited to join the selector panel for this AAHA process.

3.     Individuals agreeable to join the selection panel, must sign the Selection Panel Member Agreement Form provided and available on the AAHA website and read through these Terms & Conditions in their entirety. 

4.     All selection panel members agree to declare any relationship, professional or otherwise with any nominee given to them for assessment against the selection criteria.  In such a circumstance, that individual panel member agrees to destroy the nomination application and advise the AAHA organisers so they may allocate a replacement selection panel member for the nomination assessment. 


Awards Presentation 

1.     All finalists are invited to attend the presentation ceremony and must advise the event organisers if they are to attend the Awards presentation event prior to the day. 

2.     Each category winner will be announced and presented at the AAHA gala presentation ceremony.  After this time, all category winners will be published online and in print via Allied Magazine.  

3.     It is expected the AAHA presentation ceremony will be held in September (date to be confirmed) in a venue in Melbourne, in addition to live stream, however this will be determined by attendance and sponsorship interest.  Details of the awards presentation will be announced closer to the time of the event, including date, time and ticket pricing. 



1.     The organisers are required to receive five or more nomination applications for a particular category within the advertised time frames, otherwise that category will no longer be eligible and will be closed for the current awards season. 

2.     Should the organisers only receive five nomination applications, each application will become a finalist for that particular category. 



-      Cash payment to be deposited into nominated bank account of all winners within 60 days.  If bank account details are not provided to the organisers within 30 days, winners will forfeit any prize monies. 

-      Winners will receive a certificate of achievement in person if they attend the presentation and/or via email, in addition to the promotional image logo. 

-       All nominees will also gain access via email, to our Virtual ‘Goodie Bag’ full of freebies, deals & coupons.  The value and content of the Goodie Bag are unknown and organisers are unable to provide details until the event has concluded. The provision of such a Goodie Bag is in addition to the prize offered to each category winner.  



Please contact the organisers of Australian Allied Health Awards if you would like any further information at hello@alliedhealthawards.com.auor visit our website www.alliedhealthawards.com.au