What do the winners get? 

  1. Cash and prizes to be disclosed in the lead up.
  2. Finalists and winners will receive a certificate of achievement, in addition to the promotional 'winner' image & logo.
  3. All winners will be featured in Allied Magazine
  4. All nominees will also gain access to our Virtual GOODIE BAG full of freebies, deals & coupons!

Can I apply for more than one award?

Absolutely you can! Apply for as many as you see fit. 


What are the nomination guidelines? 

  1. Allied Health professionals must be eligible to enter and may be nominated by either a client, colleague or themselves.
  2. Nomination applications must be completed and include application forms, nominee bio and consent.
  3. Selection panel members independently review and score applications against the selection criteria which are all equally weighted.
  4. Five finalists in each category are determined based on points awarded. Finalists are then required to provide a professional reference and headshot for promotion purposes.
  5. If selection panel members are in disagreement or scores are tied, finalists’ applications will be reassessed by additional panel members to determine a winner.
  6. Winners are announced and presented at the awards ceremony. Winners will be published online and widely promoted.

Who Is ELIGIBLE for Nomination?

  • Currently registered to practice through AHPRA or their National Association/Body
  • Has practiced either clinically or non-clinically 6 months in the last 12 months.

How Do I Nominate an AWESOME Allied Health professional?

  • Either client/colleague/or self nomination
  • Requires individual’s awareness, short biography, headshot, consent and signature
  • Completion of nomination form, to be signed by nominee
  • Consent to interview for promotional purposes (if applicble) 
  • Consent to promotion of name/image/role/achievements & details included in nomination
  • It would be great if an individual or representative of the winner is available to ‘accept’ award on the night. It would also be preferable is the winner is available to conduct interview/promotional activities within the month following the event (if available). 

What does Allied Health Impact mean?

This category is a little subjective, on purpose. 

We want these awards to bring all the professions that make up our Allied Health workforce together, so we wanted to ensure that every Allied Health professional in Australia was eligible for at least one award category!

You may be working non-clinically or in research or in project management or anything really – that is a little different to the classic clinical role.  


What classifies as ‘Early Career’?

For the purposes of the 2018 awards, we have classified your first 2 years after graduating from University, as ‘early career’. 


How is ‘Rural and Remote’ classified for the purpose of the ‘Allied Health Excellence in Rural/Remote Area Award’?

We are using the Rural and Remote Classification system called the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) which is based on census information collected. 


Are we eligible for either the ‘Adult Allied Health Practice Excellence Award’ or the ‘Paediatric Allied Health Practice Excellence Award’?

This award is designed to recognise the hard work, excellent communication and collaboration of a great team, so if you work in a great team or practice - then yes! 


If we are applying for one of the ‘Practice Awards’, should we use the same nomination application? 

Yes exactly the same form and requirements need to be met. Your application should detail how the team works together to achieve excellence – according to the selection criteria outlined.  


How are the nominations assessed and by whom?

We have selected a number of industry specialists, thought leaders, public and private clinicians, National group representatives and Allied Health leaders to assess your applications.  

All applications will be assessed against the same criteria which are outlined on the site and in the terms & conditions. 


What if there are potential conflicts of interest among the selection panel and the nomination applications?

All selector panel members must declare any relationship with the nominee, either professional, personal or otherwise.  Event organisers will then reallocate the application to a replacement panel member for assessment and scoring against the selection criteria. 

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